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Nail Polish - The Good and The Bad

Dec 13, 2010 by at 8:06am


The majority of the time, I will buy a new nail polish if I like the colour. And the formula doesn't usually matter. But have you ever gotten stressed over how many coats you need to apply of some polishes to get an even coat? I certainly have! I thought I'd do this post to show you which brands I love and which brands I hate.
The Good -
Miss Guided - I received these free from Cosmopolitan magazine and the formula of these are seriously amazing. You only really need one coat and it's perfectly opaque. But I still feel better using two! And they last a decent amount of time.
Barry M - I like how thick these are. They are opaque in one coat and I've never had a problem with these drying streaky.
Essie - My favourite brand of nail polish. Although the polish is thin, it still applies evenly and looks beautiful. It also lasts the longest too.
China Glaze - Another thin nail polish but once again, doesn't apply streaky and looks beautiful once applied.
 The Bad -
Nails Inc - I have only ever received free Nails Inc polishes and maybe they make their formula worse for the free ones? But I would definitely not spend over £10 on these personally. They are just shocking and I can never get them to look nice.
17 - Incredibly hard to make the coat even and streak-free. I end up using around 5 coats!
Collection 2000 - The good thing about these is that they dry quick, but that's also a pain when they apply horribly!



I'm currently wearing Miss Guided's Nail Polish in Miscellaneous which is a perfect nude colour!



What are your favourite brands of nail polish?

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