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Style Dilemma: Baggy Jumpers, Yay or Nay?

Sep 27, 2011 by Sarah Kwong at 11:32am


baggy jumpers

Dear S,

Now it’s getting colder I’m pulling all of my jumpers from storage, but most of them are baggy. How can I wear these without looking overweight or trampy?!


Hi Kayleigh,

Firstly I’ll say that you’ve got it right already by owning jumpers that are slightly baggy. They’re easy to wear and have been all the rage over the past two years. We’ve all been introduced to the world of oversized, from Mary Poppins bags to boyfriend blazers, and jumpers are no exception.

Here are my favourite ways to sport a baggy:

1. Wear over some nice fitting shorts (with tights if it’s cold). Leather shorts always look cool with woolly baggy jumpers, as do rough denim cut-offs. Let jumper hang loose and free over the shorts.

2. Most jumpers can be tucked in which is perfect for those high-waisted skirts. The plus of wearing jumpers this way is that you can wear them slightly baggy over the waistband of your skirt for a slouchy style or you can tuck them smoothly into a skirt for a preened Rachel Berry look. For tucking in, the best skirts to go for are slightly more floaty and feminine; something that doesn’t stick to your legs all the way down.

3. Old faithful jeans are perfect with cosy baggy jumpers. Black skinny jeans can accommodate grey slouchy slightly-off-shoulder jumpers; jeans make jumper-wearing easy!

4. If it’s long enough, wear it as a dress. Put a thick long black vest underneath (which covers your bum comfortably) and whack the long jumper over the top. The looser the better in this case, as it'll give the illusion of being more layered than you are. If you don't fancy just wearing a vest, how about going SJP (circa SATC 2) and putting a frilly, girly skirt under the long jumper? Pair with tights and ankle boots for the ultimate cool A/W look.

Banish your 'overweight/trampy' woes, as I imagine it’s actually quite difficult to look either of those two unfortunate adjectives, and it can only really be done if you’re wearing sweat pants and the whole shebang.

Please also forget the awful myth that if you’re not a model size 6, baggy jumpers will look hideous on you. If you are worried about looking like a sack of potatoes, opt for jumpers with three quarter length sleeves so they look more styled and not as all-encompassing.

Good luck!
S x

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